Thursday, May 4, 2017


I will close with a personal example of how important self-care is to my family.
This is so important that I radically change my life (new career, sell my house, sell my car, change the city and country where I live, EVERYTHING changes completely) to ensure that my lifestyle is conducive to creating an environment with space and Adequate time for self-care
To underscore this, my wife, once, got a tattoo on her right arm, to remind herself of the power of self-care, in a world that is always screaming "go-go-go."
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His tattoo is an abbreviation of "Sabbath" or "shavat" which brings the powerful meaning of "rest" and "stop working". A good reminder Once we get married, I can see this reminder every day. It signals to me that I can only help others when I first take care of myself.

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